FCUM Radio (Manchester) | United Kingdom | Live Online | Stream

FCUM Radio (Manchester) | United Kingdom | Live Online | Stream
FCUM Radio (Manchester)
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❆ Facebook: fcumradio
❆ Twitter: @fcumradio
❆ Address: Manchester, United Kingdom
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Radio is a useful information and entertaining tool for some regions. FCUM Radio (Manchester) fulfills that with good programming for their listeners. This station broadcast from United Kingdom. We are always verifying if the stream is available.

FCUM Radio (Manchester) encourage their audience to follow them on facebook (here is the acccount: Facebook of FCUM Radio (Manchester)). This is a good way to keep the communication between staff of this company and audience that listens to this organization.

More information about this radio station is published on twitter. Follow their profile (Twitter of FCUM Radio (Manchester)) to keep yourself informed on the ultimate news of this radio station. Twitter is a social network that turned into a great tool for improved interaction with users and to provide better service quality.

In their own words: Launched in 2006, FCUM (acronym for Football, Community and Music) is a non-profit, independent and local radio station based in Manchester. It is run by volunteers and its contents include Music and Football (Manchester United related).