Radio Borders (Northumberland) | United Kingdom | Live Online | 102.3 FM

Radio Borders (Northumberland) | United Kingdom | Live Online | 102.3 FM
Radio Borders (Northumberland)
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❆ Frequence: 102.3 FM
❆ Web: Radio Borders (Northumberland) (Website)
❆ Facebook: radioborders
❆ Twitter: @radioborders
❆ Phone Number: +44 845 345 7070
❆ Address: Tweedside Park td1 3td Galashiels, United Kingdom
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Radio Borders (Northumberland) offers a balanced programming for their users. On this page you can listen to this online radio. This radio station is broadcasting from United Kingdom. We verify frequently that the streaming url is available.

Radio Borders (Northumberland) is a station that thinks about their listeners. In order to achieve goal they are accessible through Facebook, on the Facebook of Radio Borders (Northumberland) profile. You have the opportunity to communicate to the staff of this radio station on that facebook site.

Visit Radio Borders (Northumberland) on twitter (Twitter of Radio Borders (Northumberland)) to keep yourself updated about their new developments on that social network. They publish updates, schedule, events, etc related to to this station. Twitter is a social platform that disrupted the paradigm of interacting for companies.

Users can always keep up to date regarding Radio Borders (Northumberland) if you check Radio Borders (Northumberland) (Website). Schedule, information and more concerning this radio can be found in that website. Please verify it once in a while.

For Radio Borders (Northumberland) it is important to maintain information flowing between users and the organization. If you need to communicate to the personal in a more direct way, then you are able to call them at +44 845 345 7070.

In their own words: Radio Borders is located in Tweedbank, just outside Galashiels and serves the Scottish Borders and North Northumberland. It is a local radio broadcaster owned and managed by Bauer Radio since its launching in 1990.