Radio Vibe CT (Port of Spain) | Trinidad And Tobago | Live Online | 105.1 FM

Radio Vibe CT (Port of Spain) | Trinidad And Tobago | Live Online | 105.1 FM
Vibe CT (Port of Spain)
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❆ Frequence: 105.1 FM
❆ Web: Vibe CT (Port of Spain) (Website)
❆ Facebook: VIBECT105fm
❆ Twitter: @VibeCT105fm
❆ Phone Number: 623-5105
❆ Address: 22-24 St Vincent Street, 2nd Floor Guardian Building, Puerto España, Trinidad & Tabago
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The radio is a amazing communication and entertaining way for a few regions. Vibe CT (Port of Spain) fulfills that purpose with varied programming for their audience. They broadcast from Trinidad And Tobago. We are always testing if the url is available.

The staff of Vibe CT (Port of Spain) keep communication available for their listeners. To get this you can message the Facebook of Vibe CT (Port of Spain) url. This is a good place for all the listeners from Trinidad And Tobago who need to communicate to this station.

All news regarding Vibe CT (Port of Spain) are published on twitter by their showrunners. You are able to follow them here: Twitter of Vibe CT (Port of Spain). More information about this radio station can be found in that account. Twitter is network that allows us to update and interact with followers in a more direct way.

Periodically Vibe CT (Port of Spain) could organize music events, new programs, publishing a new show grid, and a bit more. All of this information can be read at Vibe CT (Port of Spain) (Website). This is the own webpage for this radio station.

Apart from social networks, the interaction between Vibe CT (Port of Spain) and audience can be made through phone call. Vibe CT (Port of Spain) has provided the phone number 623-5105 for that matter. Please call for any news you may want from the showrunners.

In their own words: This is an important adult urban radio station broadcasting from Port of Spain to the entire country. Vibe CT features mostly entertainment and music, primarily Soca, R&B, Reggae, Calypso and Retro music.