Radio Taj | Trinidad And Tobago | Live Online | 92.3 FM

Radio Taj | Trinidad And Tobago | Live Online | 92.3 FM
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❆ Frequence: 92.3 FM
❆ Web: Taj (Website)
❆ Facebook: taj923fm
❆ Twitter: @taj923
❆ Phone Number: 623-4202
❆ Address: #5 Rosalino Street, Woodbrook, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
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From Trinidad And Tobago streams Taj. A known broadcasting station that brings a balanced schedule for its followers. Periodically we test that the url to tune this station is actually available.

Social platforms are a channel that some companies make use of to communicate to their users. Taj, for instance, use Facebook to maintain contact between audience and staff of this radio. Please verify this Facebook of Taj url for this matter.

Additional information about this radio station is published on twitter. Follow their social account (Twitter of Taj) to keep yourself up to date about the ultimate developments of this station. Twitter is a social network that became a great tool for better communication with followers and to provide excellent service quality.

Maintain youself informed regarding the information that this radio station streams by reading Taj (Website). This is another channel that Taj make use of to offer data to the followers.

Users of this company have the chance to communicate to the staff by phone. Taj has proposed the 623-4202 so you can call and request for more news.

In their own words: Taj 92.3 FM is a radio station that offers a mix of music aiming at listeners in and from the East Indian region. The music offered comes from the last three decades from movie, indi-pop and local hits.