Radio PUK FM | South Africa | Live Online | 93.6 FM

Radio PUK FM | South Africa | Live Online | 93.6 FM
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❆ Frequence: 93.6 FM
❆ Web: PUK FM (Website)
❆ Facebook: pgPUKfm936
❆ Twitter: @PUKfm936
❆ Phone Number: 018 299 2758
❆ Address: Potchefstroom, North West, South Africa
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The station PUK FM can be tuned using this website. This is a radio that emits from South Africa. For us is paramount to provide the link to the stream updated. We test once in a while that the stream link stays online.

Social networks are a way that some organizations use to reach their listeners. PUK FM, for instance, use Facebook to maintain contact between audience and presenters of this broadcasting station. Check this Facebook of PUK FM profile for this matter.

Keeping in touch with the followers is a goal for PUK FM. They have a twitter account at Twitter of PUK FM, where you can read ultimate releases regarding this broadcasting station. Twitter constitutes one mean to enhance interaction with your audience and to know listeners better.

You may always keep informed regarding PUK FM if you read PUK FM (Website). Schedule, information and more concerning this station can be read in that page. Please read it periodically.

If you want to find out additional data regarding PUK FM then you are able to call them by phone. This broadcasting station made available by 018 299 2758 so you can call them for your requests.

In their own words: PUK FM is a community radio managed by the students attending the North-West University. It was established aiming to serve the young listeners of the region and features education, information and entertainment.