Radio Khwezi | South Africa | Live Online | 90.5 FM

Radio Khwezi | South Africa | Live Online | 90.5 FM
Radio Khwezi
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❆ Frequence: 90.5 FM
❆ Web: Radio Khwezi (Website)
❆ Facebook: radiokhwezi
❆ Twitter: @radiokhwezi
❆ Phone Number: (+27) 032 481 5520
❆ Address: Radio Khwezi, Silverstream Farm, Kwasizabantu Mission, Kranskop 3268, South Africa
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Radio is a great communication and entertainment tool for a few communities. Radio Khwezi acomplish that purpose with varied schedule for their audience. They transmits from South Africa. We are always verifying if the stream is online.

Facebook is a tool that youcan make use of to reach the broadcasters of this radio. You have the chance to follow Radio Khwezi at Facebook of Radio Khwezi, to ask for aditional information about the programming or all the stuff else you are interested in.

Communicating with the listeners is an objective for Radio Khwezi. The staff have a twitter handler at Twitter of Radio Khwezi, over there you can obtain ultimate publications related to this radio station. Twitter constitutes a mean to strengthen interaction with your audience and to know listeners better.

Events and more information about Radio Khwezi are displayed through their webpage. We urge you to read Radio Khwezi (Website) for this news and updates. Radio Khwezi is regularly trying to keep contact with their users.

Users of this station are able to communicate to the showrunners by phone. Radio Khwezi has published the (+27) 032 481 5520 so you can contact them and ask for more updates.

In their own words: This is a community radio station that serves the areas of the north coast and the KwaZulu Natal midlands. It was established aiming to educate, entertain and empower its listeners.