Radio Pulpit Kansel (Pretoria) | South Africa | Live Online | 657 AM

Radio Pulpit Kansel (Pretoria) | South Africa | Live Online | 657 AM
Radio Pulpit Kansel (Pretoria)
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❆ Frequence: 657 AM
❆ Web: Radio Pulpit Kansel (Pretoria) (Website)
❆ Facebook: radiopulpit
❆ Twitter: @657AM
❆ Phone Number: +27 12 334 1200
❆ Address: Pretoria, South Africa
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Radio Pulpit Kansel (Pretoria) is a very known station of South Africa. They offer a programs grid that keeps their listeners always playing their signal. We try to keep the url address updated.

Social platforms are a channel that some companies make use of to reach their users. Radio Pulpit Kansel (Pretoria), for example, use Facebook to keep contact between followers and presenters of this company. Please verify this Facebook of Radio Pulpit Kansel (Pretoria) acccount for this matter.

Being a listener of Radio Pulpit Kansel (Pretoria) broadcasting station, you have to be interested in reading more about them. If that is correct, well, you have to subscribe to them on twitter (Twitter of Radio Pulpit Kansel (Pretoria)). There they announce news about what they are doing. For this radio station, interaction with followers is a very important side of a company. Interactions on social platforms with listeners can provide a better image and a higher audience.

Exchanging information with their users it is something important for Radio Pulpit Kansel (Pretoria). The Radio Pulpit Kansel (Pretoria) (Website) webpage achieves this goal. Read the website to check the published showgrid, events, and more about this station.

Interaction with Radio Pulpit Kansel (Pretoria) is also possible through its telephone number. Please contact +27 12 334 1200 if you have an urgent topic to speak regarding this broadcasting station.

In their own words: Radio Kansel is a Christian online radio station based in Pretoria. It broadcasts in English and Afrikaans. Its team of professionals includes Wanda Bam, Fanie du Toit, Roland Gaspar, Esté Geldenhuys and many others.