Impala Radio (Pretoria) | South Africa | Live Online | Stream

Impala Radio (Pretoria) | South Africa | Live Online | Stream
Impala Radio (Pretoria)
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❆ Frequence: Stream
❆ Web: Impala Radio (Pretoria) (Website)
❆ Facebook: impalaradio
❆ Twitter: @ImpalaRadio
❆ Phone Number: 27 12 334 1200
❆ Address: Impala Radio, Pretoria, South Africa
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Radio is a useful communication and entertainment mean for a few cities. Impala Radio (Pretoria) acomplish that purpose with varied programming for their followers. They broadcast from South Africa. We are regularly checking if the stream is online.

In case you need to reach the showrunners of Impala Radio (Pretoria), then facebook is a good way to do it. This broadcasting station has a facebook profile where you can subscribe to them, and communicate to them. Visit here (Facebook of Impala Radio (Pretoria)) the url.

For Impala Radio (Pretoria) interaction with their community is paramount. They have provided a twitter profile where you can follow them: Twitter of Impala Radio (Pretoria). In that twitter account this radio station release news and information. Twitter is crucial because in social platforms is where the user is these days. This platform is a way to check into his viewpoint and a chance to keep direct communication with the audience.

The showgrid, news, events and all types of data can be found at Impala Radio (Pretoria) (Website). With this webpage, users of Impala Radio (Pretoria) can know more about the evolution of this station.

When you want to request additional updates regarding Impala Radio (Pretoria) then you may contact them by old way phone. This radio station made available by 27 12 334 1200 so you can phone them for your requests.

In their own words: Located in Pretoria, South Africa, this is a radio station dedicated to the oldies. It broadcasts in English and Afrikaans. Its team of professionals includes Genie Jacobs, Ray Thomas, Ina Smith, Cathy Louw, Arlene Greyling and many others.