Radio Wild (Iligan) | Philippines | Live Online | 103.1 FM

Radio Wild (Iligan) | Philippines | Live Online | 103.1 FM
Wild (Iligan)
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❆ Frequence: 103.1 FM
❆ Web: Wild (Iligan) (Website)
❆ Facebook: pages1031-Wild-Fm-Iligan143345289017601
❆ Phone Number: (063) 221-6679
❆ Address: University of Mindanao Broadcasting Network DXIL 103.1 WILD FM Brother Jeffrey Road, Pala-o Iligan City 9200, Philippines
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Wild (Iligan) can be listened right here on this site. We check periodically if the stream url is functioning. Wild (Iligan) transmits from Philippines, giving us a varied schedule.

In case you need to know more about this station then you must subscribe to them using Facebook. This is the url of facebook: Facebook of Wild (Iligan). For Wild (Iligan) is significant to keep a communication available between staff and listeners.

Sharing information with their audience it is something significant for Wild (Iligan). The Wild (Iligan) (Website) website accomplish this goal. Read the website to check the released showgrid, events, and more regarding this station.

Communication with Wild (Iligan) is also available using the phone. Please dial (063) 221-6679 if you need an urgent issue to discuss about this radio station.

In their own words: On air since the beginning of the nineties, Wild FM is a radio station that is part of the University of Mindanao Broadcasting Network. this radio station is based in Iligan City and features entertainment and music programmes.