Radio OK (Sorsogon) | Philippines | Live Online | 89.5 FM

Radio OK (Sorsogon) | Philippines | Live Online | 89.5 FM
OK (Sorsogon)
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❆ Frequence: 89.5 FM
❆ Web: OK (Sorsogon) (Website)
❆ Facebook: okfmsorsogon
❆ Phone Number: +63 56 421 5140
❆ Address: Maharlika Highway Brgy, Balogo East District, Sorsogon City 4700, Philippines
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OK (Sorsogon) offers a entertaining programming for its audience. On this page you can tune this radio station. They are broadcasting from Philippines. We check regularly that the stream url is working.

For OK (Sorsogon) reaching and answering comments from their audience is paramount. This radio has a facebook profile where, there you can contact the showrunners of this radio. Please visit the address here: Facebook of OK (Sorsogon).

Listeners can always keep informed about OK (Sorsogon) if you read OK (Sorsogon) (Website). Schedule, information and more about this radio can be found in that page. Please verify it regularly.

If you want to request additional information regarding OK (Sorsogon) then you are able to contact them by phone. This radio station made available by +63 56 421 5140 so you can contact them for your requirements.

In their own words: Owned and managed by PBN Broadcasting Network, Inc., this is a commercial radio that broadcasts from Sorsogon City. It has been on air since the seventies and has received several awards.