Radio Magic (Gensan City) | Philippines | Live Online | 106.3 FM

Radio Magic (Gensan City) | Philippines | Live Online | 106.3 FM
Magic (Gensan City)
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❆ Frequence: 106.3 FM
❆ Web: Magic (Gensan City) (Website)
❆ Facebook: magic1063gensan
❆ Twitter: @1063magicgensan
❆ Phone Number: +63 83 301 6023
❆ Address: Pendatun Avenue, General Santos, Philippines
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Radio is a great communication and entertaining way for some cities. Magic (Gensan City) fulfills that with an interesting schedule for their listeners. They broadcast from Philippines. We are regularly testing if the stream is available.

The presenters of Magic (Gensan City) maintain interaction open for their listeners. To accomplish this you can message the Facebook of Magic (Gensan City) profile. This is a good place for all the listeners from Philippines who want to contact this company.

If you want to keep yourself informed about what is going on Magic (Gensan City), then you should follow their twitter profile: Twitter of Magic (Gensan City). They will be releasing information in relation to their work, novelties, schedule, etc. Twitter is a platform where companies publish what their roadmap plan is. All this permits listeners comprehend companies in a better way.

The schedule, announcements, events and every data may be read at Magic (Gensan City) (Website). With this webpage, followers of Magic (Gensan City) can know more about the evolution of this radio.

Once and again is simpler to just pick up the phone and call who we need. Magic (Gensan City) puts at your disposal a telephone number where you have the chance to call to obtain more information. You can dial to +63 83 301 6023 if you need to know more regarding this company.

In their own words: Broadcasting from the Philippines, this radio is dedicated to entertainment, music, news, and everything that is of interest to the young audience. It is on air every day since 1996.