Radio Love (Cebu) | Philippines | Live Online | 90.7 FM

Radio Love (Cebu) | Philippines | Live Online | 90.7 FM
Love (Cebu)
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❆ Frequence: 90.7 FM
❆ Web: Love (Cebu) (Website)
❆ Facebook: loveradiocebu
❆ Twitter: @loveradiomanila
❆ Phone Number: (02)-832-6171
❆ Address: Cebu City, Philippines
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Love (Cebu) may be listened on this page. We keep checking regularly if the stream link is available. Love (Cebu) transmits from Philippines, providing us a balanced programming.

For Love (Cebu) reaching and responding requests from their audience is paramount. This radio has a facebook url where, there you can message the showrunners of this company. Verify the acccount here: Facebook of Love (Cebu).

For Love (Cebu) interaction with their users is paramount. They have provided a twitter account where you may read them: Twitter of Love (Cebu). In that twitter account this station release updates and information. Twitter is important because in social platforms is where the consumer is in the present. Twitter is a way to check into his world and an opportunity to have direct communication with him.

News and more information regarding Love (Cebu) are shown through their page. Please check Love (Cebu) (Website) for this information. Love (Cebu) is always trying to keep contact with their audience.

You have the chance to make any solicit information straight to (02)-832-6171 when you need to call this station. Love (Cebu) is continuously fostering to keep the communication open between personal and users.

In their own words: This is a radio station based in Cebu City. Love Radio Cebu broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and its programming includes Love Trip Special, Hapon Na Love, Morning Na Love and much more.