Radio DZLG Bombo Radyo (Legazpi) | Philippines | Live Online | 927 AM

Radio DZLG Bombo Radyo (Legazpi) | Philippines | Live Online | 927 AM
DZLG Bombo Radyo (Legazpi)
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❆ Frequence: 927 AM
❆ Web: DZLG Bombo Radyo (Legazpi) (Website)
❆ Facebook: bomboradyolegazpi
❆ Twitter: @bombolegazpi
❆ Phone Number: (052) 4813817
❆ Address: Bombo Radyo Broadcast Center Near Central City Subdivision Tahao Road, Legazpi City, Albay, Philippines
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The radio is a great communication and entertaining way for some communities. DZLG Bombo Radyo (Legazpi) fulfills that with excellent schedule for their listeners. They broadcast from Philippines. We are regularly verifying if the stream is available.

The presenters of DZLG Bombo Radyo (Legazpi) keep communication available for their audience. To achieve this you can contact the Facebook of DZLG Bombo Radyo (Legazpi) address. This is an excellent place for all the listeners from Philippines who want to contact this radio.

Explore additional data regarding this station can be read on twitter. This is the profile of this organization: Twitter of DZLG Bombo Radyo (Legazpi). Check the account for updates concerning what happens in this broadcasting station. Twitter is a social platform that works for the organization both as origin of information and interaction with their followers.

Listeners and fans of DZLG Bombo Radyo (Legazpi) are able to check the news and updates regarding this radio. Check Twitter of DZLG Bombo Radyo (Legazpi) for aditional data. This is a terrific way to sustain the information open between workers and followers.

Communication with DZLG Bombo Radyo (Legazpi) is also available through its phone number. Please contact (052) 4813817 if you have an urgent issue to talk regarding this broadcasting station.

In their own words: Owned and operated by Bombo Radyo Philippines, Bombo Radyo Legazpi is a radio station that broadcasts from Legazpi to Bicol Region and parts of Northern Samar. It is on air everyday from 4:45 am to 9 pm, featuring news, music and information.