Radio Radyo Bombo (Kalibo) | Philippines | Live Online | 1107 AM

Radio Radyo Bombo (Kalibo) | Philippines | Live Online | 1107 AM
Radyo Bombo (Kalibo)
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❆ Frequence: 1107 AM
❆ Web: Radyo Bombo (Kalibo) (Website)
❆ Facebook: bomboradyophilippines
❆ Twitter: @BomboRadyoNews
❆ Phone Number: (036) 268-3141
❆ Address: Bombo Radyo Broadcast Center, Oyo Torong cor. J. Magno Sts., Kalibo, Aklan 5600, Philippines
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Radyo Bombo (Kalibo) provides a balanced programming for their users. On this page you can listen to this radio. This station is broadcasting from Philippines. We make sure periodically that the streaming signal is functioning.

Social platforms are a way that some organizations make use of to communicate to their users. Radyo Bombo (Kalibo), for instance, use Facebook to keep contact between users and staff of this radio. Verify this Facebook of Radyo Bombo (Kalibo) profile for this objective.

Twitter is a social platform where Radyo Bombo (Kalibo) has an account to announce some information related to this radio station. We invite you to follow them in their profile: Twitter of Radyo Bombo (Kalibo). Twitter is a platform that in addition to allow radios to have an account through which listeners can talk, it works also as a good reachment way.

Regularly Radyo Bombo (Kalibo) might hold advertising events, new developments, release a new show grid, and more. All of this data can be read at Radyo Bombo (Kalibo) (Website). This is the own page for this station.

Sometimes is easier to grab the phone and contact who we require. Radyo Bombo (Kalibo) has a telephone number where you can call to obtain more updates. You can dial to (036) 268-3141 if you want to know a bit more regarding this radio station.

In their own words: Bombo Radyo Kalibo is part of Bombo Radyo Philippines, one of the most notable radio networks in the country. This radio station is located in Kalibo, in the Province of Aklan. It features information and news.