Radio Bombo (Iloilo City) | Philippines | Live Online | 837 AM

Radio Bombo (Iloilo City) | Philippines | Live Online | 837 AM
Radio Bombo (Iloilo City)
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❆ Frequence: 837 AM
❆ Web: Radio Bombo (Iloilo City) (Website)
❆ Facebook: bomboradyophilippines
❆ Twitter: @BomboRadyoNews
❆ Phone Number: +(033) 336-8071
❆ Address: Bombo Radyo Broadcast Center, Sky City, Mapa St., Iloilo City 5000, Philippines
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The streaming station Radio Bombo (Iloilo City) can be listened through this page. This is a station that emits from Philippines. For us is important to maintain the link to the stream up to date. We test regularly that the stream url is available.

In case you want to message the personal of Radio Bombo (Iloilo City), then facebook is a good way to do it. This organization has a facebook acccount where you can subscribe to them, and contact them. Verify here (Facebook of Radio Bombo (Iloilo City)) the url.

For more data about this radio station can be found on twitter. This is the account of this organization: Twitter of Radio Bombo (Iloilo City). Subscribe to the profile for updates concerning what is going on in this station. Twitter is a platform that works for the company both as sources of information and interaction with their users.

The list of programs, bulletins, events and all types of data may be found at Radio Bombo (Iloilo City) (Website). With this page, followers of Radio Bombo (Iloilo City) can find more info about the evolution of this radio.

For Radio Bombo (Iloilo City) it is significant to keep news circulating between listeners and the broadcasting station. If you need to communicate to the personal in a more direct way, then you can dial them at +(033) 336-8071.

In their own words: Bombo Radyo Iloilo is a radio station that belongs to Bombo Radyo Philippines. This radio is dedicated to new, information and talk shows and broadcasts from 4:30 am to 11:30 (Monday to Saturday) and from 9 am to 11 pm (on Sundays).