Radio Bombo Radyo (Baguio) | Philippines | Live Online | 1035 AM

Radio Bombo Radyo (Baguio) | Philippines | Live Online | 1035 AM
Bombo Radyo (Baguio)
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❆ Frequence: 1035 AM
❆ Web: Bombo Radyo (Baguio) (Website)
❆ Facebook: pagesBOMBO-RADYO-PHILIPPINES333484404535
❆ Twitter: @BomboRadyoNews
❆ Phone Number: 02-843-0118
❆ Address: Baguio City, Philippines
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Tune in the streaming of Bombo Radyo (Baguio), a radio station that broadcasts from Philippines. This broadcasting station offers a balanced schedule for their followers. We are always checking the updated url to their streaming broadcast.

Bombo Radyo (Baguio) encourage their users to read them on facebook (here is the acccount: Facebook of Bombo Radyo (Baguio)). This is a good way to keep the communication between showrunners of this broadcasting station and users that tune to this broadcasting station.

Bombo Radyo (Baguio) is present on twitter. They keep a profile where they announce the news about what happens on this station. Twitter of Bombo Radyo (Baguio) is the handler where you can read them. Twitter is a social network that came to change the form in which business talk with their listeners, allowing more direct and faster interaction. It is also a new mean of marketing strategies.

For the followers of this radio station, we recommend to visit Bombo Radyo (Baguio) (Website). In that website, you can learn more information regarding news, programming, events and more. Using this you are able to talk to Bombo Radyo (Baguio) staff.

Apart from social platforms, the interaction between Bombo Radyo (Baguio) and listeners can be done by doing a phone call. Bombo Radyo (Baguio) has provided the phone number 02-843-0118 for that purpose. Please call for any information you may want from the personal.

In their own words: Owned and operated by Bombo Radyo Philippines, one of the most important radio networks in the country, Bombo Radyo Baguio is located in the homonymous city. Its schedule includes the following programmes: Bombo Reports First Edition, Bombo Hanay Bigtime, Bombo Hanay Sa Pangaldaw and Zona Libre.