Radio The Hits (West Coast) | New Zealand | Live Online | 90.7 FM

Radio The Hits (West Coast) | New Zealand | Live Online | 90.7 FM
The Hits (West Coast)
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❆ Frequence: 90.7 FM
❆ Web: The Hits (West Coast) (Website)
❆ Facebook: thehitswestcoast
❆ Twitter: @thehitsnz
❆ Phone Number: +64 800 843 4487
❆ Address: 100 Tainui Street, Greymouth, New Zealand
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Do you want to tune The Hits (West Coast)? Here you came to the best place. Here you can tune in the stream of this radio. They are located in New Zealand and brings a very varied schedule.

Social networks are a way that some organizations use to reach their listeners. The Hits (West Coast), for instance, use Facebook to maintain communication between followers and showrunners of this broadcasting station. Visit this Facebook of The Hits (West Coast) profile for this objective.

Visit The Hits (West Coast) on twitter (Twitter of The Hits (West Coast)) to keep yourself informed about their publications on that social network. They publish news, schedule, events, etc related to to this radio station. Twitter is a social network that changed the way of communicating for companies.

The Hits (West Coast) publishs a webpage, that gives their users one easy place to read through the information of this radio station. People may know all the info they offer, such as programming, streaming news, etc. Check The Hits (West Coast) (Website) for more.

The Hits (West Coast) provides a phone number so you can call them directly. Verify +64 800 843 4487 for additional data. Some broadcasting stations use their available phone number for whatsapp communications.

In their own words: Based in Greymouth, on the South Island, The Hits West Coast is a radio station owned by the New Zealand Media and Entertainment (NZME). Its programming combines music and entertainment.