Radio The Hits (Hawkes Bay) | New Zealand | Live Online | 89.5 FM

Radio The Hits (Hawkes Bay) | New Zealand | Live Online | 89.5 FM
The Hits (Hawkes Bay)
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❆ Frequence: 89.5 FM
❆ Web: The Hits (Hawkes Bay) (Website)
❆ Facebook: thehitshawkesbay
❆ Twitter: @thehitsnz
❆ Phone Number: 09 373 0000
❆ Address: Hawke's Bay, New Zealand
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The Hits (Hawkes Bay) is a well known broadcasting station of New Zealand. They offer a programs grid that keeps their audience always tuning their stream. We try to keep the stream address updated.

Interaction between personal of The Hits (Hawkes Bay) and their audience is important for this company. Facebook is one of the channels that this radio makes available to turn that communication likely. Verify here the address: Facebook of The Hits (Hawkes Bay) of this station.

All news about The Hits (Hawkes Bay) are announced on twitter by their staff. You can follow them here: Twitter of The Hits (Hawkes Bay). More information about this radio can be read in that account. Twitter is network that allows us to inform and communicate with users in a more direct mode.

For users of this station, we advise to click on The Hits (Hawkes Bay) (Website). In that website, you can find more information regarding news, schedule, events and more. Using this you are able to keep in contact with The Hits (Hawkes Bay) staff.

You can make any request straight to 09 373 0000 when you need to call this station. The Hits (Hawkes Bay) is continuously fostering to keep the communication available between personal and users.

In their own words: Based in Hawke's Bay, this is a radio station that belongs to The Hits, the radio network spread across the country. It features locally produced and networked programmes. Its local show is named Martin & Sarah in the Morning.