Radio Southland (Invercargill) | New Zealand | Live Online | 94.6 FM

Radio Southland (Invercargill) | New Zealand | Live Online | 94.6 FM
Radio Southland (Invercargill)
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❆ Frequence: 94.6 FM
❆ Web: Radio Southland (Invercargill) (Website)
❆ Facebook: radiosouthland
❆ Twitter: @RadioSouthland
❆ Phone Number: +64 3-218 9891
❆ Address: 35 Dee Street Invercargill, New Zealand 9810
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From New Zealand streams Radio Southland (Invercargill). This is a station that brings a entertaining programming for its listeners. Periodically we test that the stream to tune this station is really working.

Interaction between staff of Radio Southland (Invercargill) and their users is essential for this broadcasting station. Facebook is one of the channels that this company provides to make that interaction likely. Verify here the address: Facebook of Radio Southland (Invercargill) of this company.

Read Radio Southland (Invercargill) on twitter (Twitter of Radio Southland (Invercargill)) to keep yourself updated about their news on that platform. They publish updates, programming, events, etc regarding to this station. Twitter is a social network that disrupted the way of interacting for organizations.

Listeners and fans of Radio Southland (Invercargill) are able to know the news and updates about this radio. Go to Twitter of Radio Southland (Invercargill) for aditional information. This is a magnific way to keep the information open between staff and users.

You have the opportunity to make any ask questions straight to +64 3-218 9891 if you need to call this broadcasting station. Radio Southland (Invercargill) is always trying to keep the interaction available between personal and users.

In their own words: Radio Southland is a community access radio station that broadcasts from Invercargill. It has been on air since 1992 featuring a variety of contents such as music, entertainment and information.