Radio Robotic | New Zealand | Live Online | Stream

Radio Robotic | New Zealand | Live Online | Stream
Radio Robotic
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❆ Frequence: Stream
❆ Web: Radio Robotic (Website)
❆ Facebook: RadioRobotic
❆ Twitter: @radiorobotic
❆ Address: PO Box 4278 Hamilton East., Hamilton, New Zealand​
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Radio is a great information and entertainment tool for some communities. Radio Robotic fulfills that purpose with an interesting programming for their followers. This station transmits from New Zealand. We are regularly testing if the stream is available.

Facebook is a social network that can be used to reach the staff of this radio. You have the possibility to follow Radio Robotic at Facebook of Radio Robotic, to ask for more information about the programming or all the stuff else you you need to know.

Discover additional information about this radio station can be read on twitter. This is the profile of this organization: Twitter of Radio Robotic. Subscribe to the account for updates about what is going on in this radio station. Twitter is a social network that serves the organization both as origin of information and interaction with their communities.

The schedule, bulletins, events and all types of information may be read at Radio Robotic (Website). With this page, users of Radio Robotic can find more info about the developments of this station.

In their own words: On air since 2012, Radio Robotic is a radio broadcaster located in Hamilton, New Zealand. Its programming is focused on music of several genres such as alternative, indie and retro.