Radio Ngati Hine (Whangarei) | New Zealand | Live Online | 99.6 FM

Radio Ngati Hine (Whangarei) | New Zealand | Live Online | 99.6 FM
Ngati Hine (Whangarei)
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❆ Frequence: 99.6 FM
❆ Web: Ngati Hine (Whangarei) (Website)
❆ Facebook: radiongatihinefm
❆ Twitter: @ngatihinefm
❆ Phone Number: (09) 438 6115
❆ Address: Ngati Hine FM Radio, 5 Walton Street, Torongare Building, Level 1 Whangarei, Northland 0110, New Zealand
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Ngati Hine (Whangarei) may be tuned right here on this web page. We keep veryfing periodically if the stream url is online. Ngati Hine (Whangarei) transmits from New Zealand, giving us a entertaining programming.

If you have a need in interacting with the staff of Ngati Hine (Whangarei), then you could use Facebook for this goal. Please verify Facebook of Ngati Hine (Whangarei) acccount to message the staff of this station.

Being a user of Ngati Hine (Whangarei) radio station, you have to be concerned about reading more regarding them. If that is correct, then you have to subscribe to them on twitter (Twitter of Ngati Hine (Whangarei)). In there they publish updates about what they are doing. For this station, interaction with followers is a paramount point of a business. Interactions on social networks with users can lead to a better image and a wider audience.

Users and followers of Ngati Hine (Whangarei) are able to check the news and updates regarding this radio station. Go to Twitter of Ngati Hine (Whangarei) for more data. This is a good way to sustain the communication open between workers and followers.

Social networks and online presence are the way to go these days. But you can also make a phone call to (09) 438 6115, when you want to keep in touch with Ngati Hine (Whangarei) for additional updates.

In their own words: Ngati Hine FM is a Iwi radio station based in Whangarei, Northland. It serves Ngati Hine and the tribe of Ngapuhi. It plays music (such as Maori, Local, National, Reggae, Funk and Soul) as well as news, information and much more.