Radio More FM (Wairarapa) | New Zealand | Live Online | 89.5 FM

Radio More FM (Wairarapa) | New Zealand | Live Online | 89.5 FM
More FM (Wairarapa)
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❆ Frequence: 89.5 FM
❆ Web: More FM (Wairarapa) (Website)
❆ Facebook: morefmnz
❆ Twitter: @morefmradio
❆ Phone Number: 06 370 2548
❆ Address: Level 12 48 Ward Street Hamilton, 441a Queen Street 5810, Wairarapa, New Zealand
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In this page you can hear the online streaming of More FM (Wairarapa). Listen to this station that streams from New Zealand. They have a varied programming that keeps their listeners engaged. We evaluate daily the urls of the streaming, if none available, we will point it.

More FM (Wairarapa) is a radio station that thinks about their audience. For that goal they are reachable through Facebook, on the Facebook of More FM (Wairarapa) social account. You have the opportunity to message the presenters of this broadcasting station on that page.

For More FM (Wairarapa) interaction with their listeners is important. They have provided a twitter account where you may follow them: Twitter of More FM (Wairarapa). In that twitter account this radio station release updates and information. Twitter is crucial because in social platforms is where the follower is these days. Twitter is a window into his viewpoint and a chance to have direct communication with the audience.

At More FM (Wairarapa) (Website) you are able learn about the latest data published by More FM (Wairarapa). Comeback often to learn about new developments, schedule, news or more about this radio.

For More FM (Wairarapa) it is important to maintain information circulating between audience and the broadcasting station. If you want to communicate to the staff in a more straight way, then you can dial them at 06 370 2548.

In their own words: Founded by Paul Henry in 1991, More FM Wairarapa is a radio station that broadcasts from Masterton to the Wairarapa province. Its programming includes Breakfast and Totally Serious Sport Show.