Radio More FM (Dunedin) | New Zealand | Live Online | 97.4 FM

Radio More FM (Dunedin) | New Zealand | Live Online | 97.4 FM
More FM (Dunedin)
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❆ Frequence: 97.4 FM
❆ Web: More FM (Dunedin) (Website)
❆ Facebook: morefmnz
❆ Twitter: @morefmradio
❆ Address: Dunedin, New Zealand
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From New Zealand emits More FM (Dunedin). This is a station that brings a varied schedule for their audience. Regularly we make sure that the link to listen this radio is actually available.

Interaction between personal of More FM (Dunedin) and their users is important for this radio. Facebook is one of the channels that this organization provides to make that communication possible. Verify here the url: Facebook of More FM (Dunedin) of this company.

If you need to keep up to date about what is going on More FM (Dunedin), then you should follow their twitter account: Twitter of More FM (Dunedin). The staff will be publishing information about their work, developments, timetable, etc. Twitter is a platform where organizations release what their roadmap idea is. This scenario makes listeners understand organizations better.

Maintain youself updated about the information that this radio streams by reading More FM (Dunedin) (Website). This is another channel that More FM (Dunedin) uses to offer information to the audience.

In their own words: Owned and operated by MediaWorks New Zealand, this is a radio ntwork that was launched in Wellington in the beginning of the nineties. It features local programming as well as networked in more than 20 locations across the country.