Radio Hokonui (Taranaki) | New Zealand | Live Online | 1557 AM

Radio Hokonui (Taranaki) | New Zealand | Live Online | 1557 AM
Hokonui (Taranaki)
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❆ Frequence: 1557 AM
❆ Web: Hokonui (Taranaki) (Website)
❆ Facebook: Hokonui
❆ Twitter: @hokonuiradio
❆ Phone Number: 06 759 2460
❆ Address: New Zealand
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In this page you can hear the streaming of Hokonui (Taranaki). Listen to this station that streams from New Zealand. This broadcaster a balanced programming that maintains their listeners engaged. We check daily the links of the radio signal, if it goes down, we will tag it.

Facebook is a social network that can be used to reach the staff of this station. You have the chance to follow Hokonui (Taranaki) at Facebook of Hokonui (Taranaki), to request aditional news regarding the showgrid or anything else you you need to know.

Being a fan of Hokonui (Taranaki) broadcasting station, you have to be concerned about knowing more about them. If that is correct, then you have to read them on twitter (Twitter of Hokonui (Taranaki)). There they publish news about what they are planning. For this radio station, communication with followers is a very important aspect of a company. Communication on social networks with listeners can provide a better image and a wider reach.

Maintain youself informed about the information that this radio station offers by reading Hokonui (Taranaki) (Website). This is a different channel that Hokonui (Taranaki) make use of to offer data to the listeners.

Hokonui (Taranaki) makes available a phone number so you are able to call them in a direct manner. Verify 06 759 2460 for additional data. Some radio stations use their available telephone number for whatsapp interactions.

In their own words: Hokonui is a local radio station that broadcasts to several locations including Taranaki. This radio presents a variety of shows with a special mention to The Country with Jamie Mackay.