Radio Te Hiku (Kaitaia) | New Zealand | Live Online | 97.1 FM

Radio Te Hiku (Kaitaia) | New Zealand | Live Online | 97.1 FM
Te Hiku (Kaitaia)
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❆ Frequence: 97.1 FM
❆ Web: Te Hiku (Kaitaia) (Website)
❆ Phone Number: 09 408 3944
❆ Address: Te Hiku FM, PO Box 458 Kaitaia, New Zealand 0441
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Listen to the broadcasting signal of Te Hiku (Kaitaia), a radio station that broadcasts from New Zealand. This station offers a varied schedule for their followers. We are once in a while checking the updated url to their streaming broadcast.

For the fans of this station, we advise to click on Te Hiku (Kaitaia) (Website). In that page, you can learn more data regarding news, programming, events and much more. Using this you are able to keep in contact with Te Hiku (Kaitaia) staff.

You can make any request straight to 09 408 3944 when you need to contact this radio station. Te Hiku (Kaitaia) is continuously encouraging to maintain the interaction open between personal and users.

In their own words: Te Hiku FM is iwi radio station that broadcasts in Maori. It was established as way of promoting and preserve the Maori language and culture. Its programming includes news, information, talk shows and music.