Classic Gold Radio | New Zealand | Live Online | Stream

Classic Gold Radio | New Zealand | Live Online | Stream
Classic Gold Radio
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❆ Frequence: Stream
❆ Web: Classic Gold Radio (Website)
❆ Facebook: ClassicGoldRadioNZ
❆ Twitter: @classic_gold
❆ Phone Number: 03 354 0000
❆ Address: Christchurch, New Zealand
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Classic Gold Radio offers a balanced schedule for its audience. In this site you can tune this radio station. This station is trasmitting from New Zealand. We verify regularly that the streaming url is available.

For Classic Gold Radio making contact and answering requests from their audience is significant. This radio has a facebook address where, there you are able to message the staff of this organization. Please visit the url here: Facebook of Classic Gold Radio.

Classic Gold Radio is present on twitter. They keep social account where they publish the news regarding what happens on this radio company. Twitter of Classic Gold Radio is the account where you can read them. Twitter is a platform that came to change the form in which enterprises talk with their followers, this allows more forthright and quicker interaction. As well as a new channel of advertising strategies.

Events and more information regarding Classic Gold Radio are displayed through their page. Please check Classic Gold Radio (Website) for this information. Classic Gold Radio is periodically trying to keep in touch with their followers.

Audience of this broadcasting station are able to talk to the showrunners by phone. Classic Gold Radio has published the 03 354 0000 so you can call and request for more news.

In their own words: Founded in Invercargill by Chris Diack, Classic Gold Radio is currently located in Christchurch. The programming of this radio focuses mostly on entertainment and music (from the sixties to the present).