Radio Active (Wellington) | New Zealand | Live Online | 88.6 FM

Radio Active (Wellington) | New Zealand | Live Online | 88.6 FM
Radio Active (Wellington)
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❆ Frequence: 88.6 FM
❆ Web: Radio Active (Wellington) (Website)
❆ Facebook:
❆ Twitter: @RadioActivefm
❆ Phone Number: +64 4 801 9899
❆ Address: Radio Active, 75 Ghuznee Street, Wellington, New Zealand
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The radio is a amazing communication and entertainment way for a few cities. Radio Active (Wellington) fulfills that with excellent schedule for their listeners. They transmits from New Zealand. We are periodically checking if the stream is available.

For Radio Active (Wellington) reaching and responding comments from their audience is essential. This radio has a facebook url where, there you can message the staff of this company. Visit the address here: Facebook of Radio Active (Wellington).

Follow Radio Active (Wellington) on twitter (Twitter of Radio Active (Wellington)) to keep up to date regarding their publications on that social network. They bring updates, programming, events, etc regarding to this radio station. Twitter is a social network that disrupted the paradigm of communicating for organizations.

From time to time Radio Active (Wellington) could hold music events, new developments, release a new show grid, and more. All of this data can be read at Radio Active (Wellington) (Website). This is the own page for this radio.

When you want to inquire more information about Radio Active (Wellington) then you can call them by old way phone. This broadcasting station provided +64 4 801 9899 so you can phone them for your questions.

In their own words: This is an alternative radio station based in Wellington. It was launched in the seventies by the students of Victoria University. It was sold to Radioactive ltd in the late eighties. Radio Active is a popular station in the city.