Radio Wai FM (Iban) | Malaysia | Live Online | 101.3 FM

Radio Wai FM (Iban) | Malaysia | Live Online | 101.3 FM
Wai FM (Iban)
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❆ Frequence: 101.3 FM
❆ Web: Wai FM (Iban) (Website)
❆ Facebook:
❆ Twitter: @myklik_mobile
❆ Address: Jabatan Penyiaran, 93614 Kuching, Malaysia
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Wai FM (Iban) offers a varied schedule for their users. In this site you can tune this radio. They are streaming from Malaysia. We check frequently that the streaming url is available.

The presenters of Wai FM (Iban) maintain interaction available for their users. To achieve this you can contact the Facebook of Wai FM (Iban) address. This is a good place for all the followers from Malaysia who want to contact this company.

Explore more information about this broadcasting station can be found on twitter. This is the account of this company: Twitter of Wai FM (Iban). Read the account for updates concerning what is going on in this station. Twitter is a social platform that serves the organization both as sources of information and interaction with their communities.

Exchanging information with their listeners it is very significant for Wai FM (Iban). The Wai FM (Iban) (Website) website achieves this goal. Read the website to check the released showgrid, events, and more about this radio station.

In their own words: Wai FM is a local radio station that belongs to Radio Televisyen Malaysia, the public radio network. It is based in Kuching, Sarawak, and features a mix of information and entertainment.