Radio One FM (Kuala Lumpur) | Malaysia | Live Online | 88.1 FM

Radio One FM (Kuala Lumpur) | Malaysia | Live Online | 88.1 FM
One FM (Kuala Lumpur)
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❆ Frequence: 88.1 FM
❆ Web: One FM (Kuala Lumpur) (Website)
❆ Facebook: onefm
❆ Twitter: @onefm881
❆ Phone Number: +603-7710 0110
❆ Address: PH Floor, North Wing, Sri Pentas, Persiaran Bandar Utama, 47800, Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
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Radio is a amazing communication and entertainment tool for some cities. One FM (Kuala Lumpur) acomplish that purpose with varied schedule for their followers. This station transmits from Malaysia. We are periodically verifying if the url is online.

One FM (Kuala Lumpur) encourage their listeners to read them on facebook (here is the url: Facebook of One FM (Kuala Lumpur)). This is a good way to keep the communication between showrunners of this station and users that listens to this company.

For One FM (Kuala Lumpur) communication with their users is important. They have provided a twitter account where you may read them: Twitter of One FM (Kuala Lumpur). In that twitter profile this broadcasting station release news and information. Twitter is important because in social platforms is where the user is today. This platform is a way to check into his world and an opportunity to have direct contact with the user.

One FM (Kuala Lumpur) publishs a web page, wich gives their listeners one accessible spot to read through the content of this radio station. You may read all the data they offer, like schedule, streaming news, etc. Check One FM (Kuala Lumpur) (Website) to know more.

One FM (Kuala Lumpur) makes available a phone number thatway you can call them in a direct manner. Check +603-7710 0110 for additional information. Some radios use their available telephone number for whatsapp communications.

In their own words: Located in Petaling Jaya, One FM is a radio station that broadcasts in Chinese. It was launched in 2009 and features entertainment and music. Its team of professionals includes Jack, Yoon, Apple, Nicholas and Mei Sim, to mention just a few.