Radio Upendofm (Eldoret) | Kenya | Live Online | 89.4 FM

Radio Upendofm (Eldoret) | Kenya | Live Online | 89.4 FM
Upendofm (Eldoret)
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❆ Frequence: 89.4 FM
❆ Facebook: 915Hits
❆ Twitter: @915hits
❆ Phone Number: 0532030304
❆ Address: Kenya
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In this page you can hear the online streaming of Upendofm (Eldoret). This radio station that streams from Kenya. They have a varied schedule that maintains their audience engaged. We evaluate regularly the urls of the station signal, if it goes down, we will point it.

For Upendofm (Eldoret) reaching and answering requests from their users is significant. This radio has a facebook address where, there you can message the staff of this company. Please visit the acccount here: Facebook of Upendofm (Eldoret).

For Upendofm (Eldoret) communication with their users is paramount. They have provided a twitter profile where you may follow them: Twitter of Upendofm (Eldoret). In that twitter profile this broadcasting station release news and data. Twitter is crucial because in social platforms is where the user is in the present. This platform is a way to check into his world and an opportunity to keep direct contact with the user.

For Upendofm (Eldoret) it is important to keep news flowing between audience and the organization. If you need to call the showrunners in a more straight way, then you are able to call them at 0532030304.

In their own words: Since 2013 on air, in connection with Catholic Diocese of Eldoret, this radio station aims to benefit people from Kenya, bringing a variety of programs and presenters to the listens.