Radio Sound Asia (Nairobi) | Kenya | Live Online | 88.0 FM

Radio Sound Asia (Nairobi) | Kenya | Live Online | 88.0 FM
Sound Asia (Nairobi)
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❆ Frequence: 88.0 FM
❆ Web: Sound Asia (Nairobi) (Website)
❆ Facebook: SoundAsiaFMKenya
❆ Twitter: @SoundAsiaFM
❆ Phone Number: 254 731 880 880
❆ Address: Nairobi, Kenya
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Sound Asia (Nairobi) can be listened on this site. We check periodically if the stream url is working. Sound Asia (Nairobi) transmits from Kenya, giving us a varied programming.

Sound Asia (Nairobi) encourage their audience to read them on facebook (here is the url: Facebook of Sound Asia (Nairobi)). This is a good way to keep the communication between showrunners of this radio and audience that listens to this station.

Interacting with the audience is a goal for Sound Asia (Nairobi). The staff have a twitter account at Twitter of Sound Asia (Nairobi), where you can follow ultimate releases related to this broadcasting station. Twitter is one way to improve interaction with your audience and understand users better.

Sound Asia (Nairobi) provides a website, wich gives their followers one easy spot to navigate through the content about this station. People may know all the data they offer, like schedule, grid news, etc. Visit Sound Asia (Nairobi) (Website) to know more.

For Sound Asia (Nairobi) it is significant to keep information flowing between users and the station. If you want to communicate to the showrunners in a more direct way, then you are able to dial them at 254 731 880 880.

In their own words: This community radio station is the only exclusive Asian radio station in Kenya. Sound of Asia can be listened in Nairobi and Mombasa and its programming includes entertainment and music directed mostly to the Indian listeners.