Pearl Radio | Kenya | Live Online | 96.9 FM

Pearl Radio | Kenya | Live Online | 96.9 FM
Pearl Radio
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❆ Frequence: 96.9 FM
❆ Web: Pearl Radio (Website)
❆ Facebook: PearlRadioKe
❆ Twitter: @pearlradioke
❆ Phone Number: +254 799 969969 /753 969969
❆ Address: Adams arcade, Applewood building, 9th Floor, Suite 912, Kenya
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From Kenya emits Pearl Radio. A known broadcasting station that gives a entertaining programming for its followers. Once in while we verify that the url to listen this station is really working.

Pearl Radio encourage their audience to read them on facebook (here is the acccount: Facebook of Pearl Radio). This is a good way to keep the communication between personal of this station and users that tune to this organization.

Discover additional data regarding this radio station can be found on twitter. This is the handler of this company: Twitter of Pearl Radio. Subscribe to the account for updates concerning what happens in this station. Twitter is a social network that works for the organization both as origin of information and communication with their communities.

Events and more data about Pearl Radio are displayed through their webpage. Please check Pearl Radio (Website) for this news and updates. Pearl Radio is always trying to keep contact with their listeners.

You have the chance to make any solicit information directly to +254 799 969969 /753 969969 when you want to call this company. Pearl Radio is always fomenting to keep the interaction available between showrunners and users.

In their own words: This radio station has entertaining, empowering and evangelizing programs, that aim to benefit listeners of all ages in Kenya and abroad. It is broadcasted seven days a week, for 24 hours.