Radio KBC English Service | Kenya | Live Online | 95.6 FM

Radio KBC English Service | Kenya | Live Online | 95.6 FM
KBC English Service
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❆ Frequence: 95.6 FM
❆ Web: KBC English Service (Website)
❆ Facebook: kbcenglishservice
❆ Phone Number: +254 723 892654
❆ Address: Harry Thuku Road, 00100 Nairobi, Kenya
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KBC English Service is a popular broadcasting station of Kenya. They offer a schedule that keeps their listeners always playing their signal. We try to keep the stream address updated.

The presenters of KBC English Service maintain interaction open for their audience. To accomplish this you can follow the Facebook of KBC English Service address. This is a good place for all the followers from Kenya who need to contact this broadcasting station.

The schedule, bulletins, events and all types of information may be read at KBC English Service (Website). With this webpage, followers of KBC English Service can find more info about the evolution of this radio.

Social platforms and online profiles are the way to go in the present. But you are also able to make a phone call to +254 723 892654, when you want to keep in touch with KBC English Service for more information.

In their own words: Since 1927 on air, this radio station is the first one to have all programming in English in Kenya. It is broadcasting every day, for 24 hours with a variety of presenters.