Radio Kass FM (Nairobi) | Kenya | Live Online | 91.0 FM

Radio Kass FM (Nairobi) | Kenya | Live Online | 91.0 FM
Kass FM (Nairobi)
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❆ Frequence: 91.0 FM
❆ Web: Kass FM (Nairobi) (Website)
❆ Facebook: KASS-TV-231428846914316
❆ Twitter: @Kass_FM
❆ Phone Number: 020 - 2737655
❆ Address: Diani Road-off Oledume, Nairobi, Kenya
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The radio is a amazing information and entertainment way for some regions. Kass FM (Nairobi) fulfills that purpose with varied schedule for their listeners. This station broadcast from Kenya. We are periodically verifying if the stream is available.

Interaction between showrunners of Kass FM (Nairobi) and their users is essential for this organization. Facebook is one way that this organization makes available to turn that interaction likely. Check here the acccount: Facebook of Kass FM (Nairobi) of this radio.

Kass FM (Nairobi) has presence on twitter. They keep social account where they announce the news regarding what is going on with this radio company. Twitter of Kass FM (Nairobi) is the social account where you can read them. Twitter is a social network that came to disrupt the form in which enterprises communicate with their listeners, this allows more forthright and quicker interaction. It is also a new way of marketing strategies.

Exchanging information with their audience it is something essential for Kass FM (Nairobi). The Kass FM (Nairobi) (Website) website achieves this purpose. Read the website to check the released programming, events, and more regarding this radio.

When you need to inquire additional information regarding Kass FM (Nairobi) then you can contact them by phone. This broadcasting station made available by 020 - 2737655 so you can phone them for your questions.

In their own words: Kass FM is a Kenyan radio station that serves Kalenjin, Nairobi, Rift Valley, the Coast Region and parts of Western and Nyanza. Its programming focuses on information, news and talk shows.