Flamingo Radio | Kenya | Live Online | Stream

Flamingo Radio | Kenya | Live Online | Stream
Flamingo Radio
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❆ Frequence: Stream
❆ Facebook: FlamingoRadioNaks
❆ Phone Number: +254 736 653090
❆ Address: Nakuru , Kenya
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Radio is a useful communication and entertainment way for some cities. Flamingo Radio fulfills that purpose with good programming for their listeners. They transmits from Kenya. We are regularly checking if the streaming url is available.

Communication between showrunners of Flamingo Radio and their audience is important for this broadcasting station. Facebook is one way that this organization provides to turn that communication possible. Visit here the url: Facebook of Flamingo Radio of this company.

In case you want to inquire additional updates about Flamingo Radio then you are able to call them by phone. This radio station made available by +254 736 653090 so you can contact them for your requirements.

In their own words: Established in 2016, this is a web radio station that broadcasts from the city of Nakuru. It is the fastest growing Radio station both online and offline covering Kenya on 81390 on Safaricom and 30190 on Airtel. The target audience of Flamingo Radio is the age of 15 years and above.