Radio Egesa FM (Nairobi) | Kenya | Live Online | 98.6 FM

Radio Egesa FM (Nairobi) | Kenya | Live Online | 98.6 FM
Egesa FM (Nairobi)
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❆ Frequence: 98.6 FM
❆ Web: Egesa FM (Nairobi) (Website)
❆ Facebook: EgesaFMKenya
❆ Address: Kenya
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The radio is a useful communication and entertainment tool for a few regions. Egesa FM (Nairobi) fulfills that with an interesting schedule for their audience. They transmits from Kenya. We are periodically testing if the stream is online.

Communication between showrunners of Egesa FM (Nairobi) and their users is paramount for this radio. Facebook is one way that this company provides to make that communication likely. Verify here the profile: Facebook of Egesa FM (Nairobi) of this company.

Exchanging information with their audience it is something significant for Egesa FM (Nairobi). The Egesa FM (Nairobi) (Website) webpage accomplish this purpose. Read the website to check the published showgrid, events, and more concerning this radio.

In their own words: This a radio station that broadcasts in Ekegusii 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It was established in 2006 aiming to be the voice of Kisii community. Some of its most notable programmes are Boka Boka, Omugusii n’Ekebago, Bwatera Abwo and Entabanania.