Radio Bahari FM | Kenya | Live Online | 94.2 FM

Radio Bahari FM | Kenya | Live Online | 94.2 FM
Bahari FM
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❆ Frequence: 94.2 FM
❆ Web: Bahari FM (Website)
❆ Facebook: BahariFM
❆ Twitter: @bahari_fm
❆ Address: Kenya
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Bahari FM brings a entertaining programming for their users. On this page you can listen to this online radio. This radio station is trasmitting from Kenya. We make sure frequently that the stream url is available.

If you have interest in contacting the staff of Bahari FM, then you have the opportunity to use Facebook for this objective. Please check Facebook of Bahari FM acccount to interact with the staff of this station.

Bahari FM has a presence on twitter. They have social account where they announce the developments about what happens on this station. Twitter of Bahari FM is the place where you can check them. Twitter is a social platform that came to disrupt the way in which enterprises communicate with their customers, this allows more forthright and quicker communication. It is also a new way of advertising strategies.

At Bahari FM (Website) you are able read the latest data released by Bahari FM. Comeback often to learn about new developments, programming, news or more regarding this radio.

In their own words: Part of Royal Media Services, Bahari FM is a radio that started broadcasting in 2008, having completed a decade of success among the coastal listeners. Bahari is Swahili and means ocean.