Radio Hitz 92 (Kingston) | Jamaica | Live Online | 92.1 FM

Radio Hitz 92 (Kingston) | Jamaica | Live Online | 92.1 FM
Hitz 92 (Kingston)
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❆ Frequence: 92.1 FM
❆ Web: Hitz 92 (Kingston) (Website)
❆ Facebook: HitzFMJamaica
❆ Twitter: @Hitz92fm
❆ Phone Number: 876.920.6441
❆ Address: Kingston, Jamaica
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Hitz 92 (Kingston) offers an balanced proposal of internet radio station, broadcasting from Jamaica. This station offers good programming to keep entertained their listerners. The streaming url is kept under periodical checking to know if it is online.

In case you want to reach the showrunners of Hitz 92 (Kingston), then facebook is a efficient way to do it. This station has a facebook address where you can find them, and communicate to them. Please check here (Facebook of Hitz 92 (Kingston)) the address.

Additional data regarding this radio is released on twitter. Read their profile (Twitter of Hitz 92 (Kingston)) to keep yourself informed on the latest news of this station. Twitter is a social platform that turned into a great camino for better communication with listeners and to offer excellent service quality.

At Hitz 92 (Kingston) (Website) you are able check the latest information published by Hitz 92 (Kingston). Please verify periodically to see any new announces, programming, news or more about this radio.

Once and again is simpler to grab the phone and call who we require. Hitz 92 (Kingston) has a telephone number where you are able to call to grap additional information. You have the opportunity to dial to 876.920.6441 if you need to know a bit more regarding this station.

In their own words: Established in Kingston, Hitz 92 is a radio station that combines music and sports. Its contents are a mix of the best of Reggae music and the coverage of the sports events (exclusive coverage of West Indies tours, Athletics, Netball, the National Premier Football League, and the Reggae Boyz.).