Radio East96FM | Jamaica | Live Online | 96.7 FM

Radio East96FM | Jamaica | Live Online | 96.7 FM
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❆ Frequence: 96.7 FM
❆ Web: East96FM (Website)
❆ Facebook: eastfm96
❆ Twitter: @east96fm
❆ Address: Yallahs Main Road, Yallahs Bay, Yallahs Bay, Saint Thomas, Jamaica
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East96FM is a very known broadcasting station of Jamaica. They offer a programs grid that keeps their audience always playing their url. We try to keep the stream address updated.

The showrunners of East96FM maintain communication open for their users. To achieve this you can follow the Facebook of East96FM address. This is an excellent spot for all the listeners from Jamaica who need to communicate to this station.

Additional information regarding this radio is published on twitter. Check their social account (Twitter of East96FM) to keep yourself up to date on the latest news of this radio station. Twitter is a social platform that turned into a great tool for better communication with users and to offer excellent service quality.

Updates and more information about East96FM are shown through their website. Please read East96FM (Website) for this news and updates. East96FM is always trying to keep contact with their audience.

In their own words: This radio aims to benefit the listeners in Jamaica with entertaining, social, spiritual, cultural and informative programs. It is on air every day, for 24 hours with a variety of DJs.