Radio Zenith Classic Rock | Ireland | Live Online | 103.8 FM

Radio Zenith Classic Rock | Ireland | Live Online | 103.8 FM
Zenith Classic Rock
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❆ Frequence: 103.8 FM
❆ Web: Zenith Classic Rock (Website)
❆ Facebook: zenithcr
❆ Twitter: @zenithcr
❆ Phone Number: 083 4466 816
❆ Address: Ireland
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From Ireland broadcasts Zenith Classic Rock. This is a station that brings a entertaining programming for their audience. From time to time we test that the url to tune this radio is really available.

Zenith Classic Rock encourage their listeners to read them on facebook (here is the url: Facebook of Zenith Classic Rock). This is a good way to keep the communication between showrunners of this organization and users that listens to this company.

Explore additional information about this station can be found on twitter. This is the profile of this organization: Twitter of Zenith Classic Rock. Read it for updates about what is going on in this station. Twitter is a platform that works for the company both as origin of data and communication with their communities.

Listeners and fans of Zenith Classic Rock have the chance to read the new information and updates regarding this radio station. Go to Twitter of Zenith Classic Rock for more information. This is a terrific channel to keep the communication open between workers and listeners.

Zenith Classic Rock puts at your disposal a phone number so you can contact them directly. Use 083 4466 816 for more data. Some broadcasting stations use their available phone number for whatsapp communications.

In their own words: This is an online rock radio station that broadcasts from Ireland. Its team of professionals includes Martin Kilbride, Jimmy Leavy, Liam Walsh, Craig Bailey, Lewis Redmond and Bob Lawrence.