Radio KCLR Carlow | Ireland | Live Online | 94.6 FM

Radio KCLR Carlow | Ireland | Live Online | 94.6 FM
KCLR Carlow
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❆ Frequence: 94.6 FM
❆ Web: KCLR Carlow (Website)
❆ Facebook: kclr96fm
❆ Twitter: @kclr96fm
❆ Address: Broadcast Centre, Carlow Road, Kilkenny, Ireland
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The radio is a great communication and entertaining mean for some communities. KCLR Carlow fulfills that purpose with good programming for their followers. This station broadcast from Ireland. We are regularly verifying if the url is online.

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KCLR Carlow has presence on twitter. They provide a profile where they publish the developments about what is going on with this radio. Twitter of KCLR Carlow is the handler where you can follow them. Twitter is a platform that came to change the way in which companies interact with their followers, allowing more forthright and faster communication. As well as a new channel of marketing strategies.

Listeners and fans of KCLR Carlow have the opportunity to know the news and updates about this radio station. Check Twitter of KCLR Carlow for aditional data. This is a magnific way to keep the information open between staff and followers.

In their own words: On air since 2004, KCLR Radio is a radio station that broadcasts to Carlow and Kilkenny. Some of its most notable programmes are KCLR Breakfast, KCLR Live, KCLR Lunch and KCLR Afternoons.