Radio Halloween FM | Ireland | Live Online | 105.2 FM

Radio Halloween FM | Ireland | Live Online | 105.2 FM
Halloween FM
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❆ Frequence: 105.2 FM
❆ Web: Halloween FM (Website)
❆ Facebook: halloweenfm
❆ Twitter: @halloweenfmie
❆ Address: RadioHub, Pembroke Road, Dublin 4, D04 D687, Ireland
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The streaming station Halloween FM can be listened by visiting this page. This is a station that emits from Ireland. For us is vital to provide the link to the stream up to date. We verify regularly that the stream link stays functioning.

Facebook is a social network that you can use to reach the showrunners of this station. You have the chance to follow Halloween FM at Facebook of Halloween FM, to request more news about the programming or all the stuff else you are interested in.

All updates about Halloween FM are announced on twitter by their staff. You are able to follow them here: Twitter of Halloween FM. Aditional information about this station can be found in that account. Twitter is network that allows us to update and interact with followers in a more direct way.

The programming, news, events and all types of information may be found at Halloween FM (Website). With this webpage, listeners of Halloween FM can know more about the developments of this radio.

In their own words: This radio has special programming dedicated to fans of Halloween, playing a variety of music inspired by this celebration. It is on air every day, for 24 hours from Dublin, Ireland.