Gem Radio New Wave | Ireland | Live Online | Stream

Gem Radio New Wave | Ireland | Live Online | Stream
Gem Radio New Wave
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❆ Frequence: Stream
❆ Web: Gem Radio New Wave (Website)
❆ Facebook: gemfmnewwave
❆ Twitter: @djsirantamilfm
❆ Address: Ireland
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Did you come to listen to Gem Radio New Wave? Here you are at the right place. In this page you can listen to the stream of this radio. This station is based in Ireland and brings a very varied schedule.

Gem Radio New Wave is a station that cares about their listeners. In order to achieve goal they are accessible using Facebook, on the Facebook of Gem Radio New Wave social profile. You can reach to the staff of this radio station on that facebook site.

Additional data about this station is released on twitter. Check their profile (Twitter of Gem Radio New Wave) to keep yourself informed on the latest developments of this radio. Twitter is a platform that turned into a great camino for improved interaction with users and to offer excellent service quality.

Maintain youself up to date regarding the information that this station streams by reading Gem Radio New Wave (Website). This is another channel that Gem Radio New Wave uses to bring data to the listeners.

In their own words: Based in Dublin, Gem Radio New Wave is an internet radio station that features New Wave, Synth-Pop and Electric music from the eighties with no interruptions from DJs or commercials.