CUH FM Hospital Radio | Ireland | Live Online | 102.0 FM

CUH FM Hospital Radio | Ireland | Live Online | 102.0 FM
CUH FM Hospital Radio
Listen to CUH FM Hospital Radio
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❆ Frequence: 102.0 FM
❆ Facebook: CUH-fm-Hospital-Radio-123068534401699
❆ Phone Number: 021 4922521
❆ Address: Cork , Ireland
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In this page you are able to listen to the streaming of CUH FM Hospital Radio. Listen to this station that works from Ireland. They have a varied programming that keeps their listeners engaged. We check daily the links of the station signal, if it's broken, we will point it.

Facebook is a platform that you can use to reach the staff of this station. You have the possibility to follow CUH FM Hospital Radio at Facebook of CUH FM Hospital Radio, to request more information about the schedule or all the stuff else you are interested in.

Sometimes is simpler to get the phone and contact who we need. CUH FM Hospital Radio provides a phone number where you can call to get more updates. You are able dial to 021 4922521 if you want to know more about this broadcasting station.

In their own words: Based in Cork, CUH FM Hospital Radio is a community organisation that serves the Cork University Hospital and Cork University Maternity Hospital. Its programming includes music, entertainment, information, news and much more.