Puthu Paadal Radio | India | Live Online | Stream

Puthu Paadal Radio | India | Live Online | Stream
Puthu Paadal Radio
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❆ Web: Puthu Paadal Radio (Website)
❆ Twitter: @PuthuPaadal
❆ Address: India
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Puthu Paadal Radio is a well known broadcasting station of India. This station brings a programming that keeps their listeners always tuning their stream. We try to keep the streaming address up to date.

As a fan of Puthu Paadal Radio radio station, you could be interested in knowing more regarding them. If that is the case, well, you have to read them on twitter (Twitter of Puthu Paadal Radio). Where they publish news about what they plan. For this station, communication with listeners is a very important point of a business. Communication on social platforms with customers can provide a better expectation and a higher reach.

The showgrid, bulletins, events and all types of data may be read at Puthu Paadal Radio (Website). With this webpage, users of Puthu Paadal Radio can get more info about the evolution of this station.

In their own words: Puthu Paadal Radio is an internet radio that broadcasts in Tamil 24 hours a day. Its programming is mostly focused on entertainment and music, namely Indian and European music hitas.