Radio Akhandkirtan | India | Live Online | Stream

Radio Akhandkirtan | India | Live Online | Stream
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❆ Web: Akhandkirtan (Website)
❆ Facebook: pagesAKJ-Radio-Station242196899152516
❆ Twitter: @akjradio
❆ Address: India
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From India transmits Akhandkirtan. A known broadcasting station that gives a balanced programming for its listeners. Regularly we test that the stream to listen this station is actually online.

The presenters of Akhandkirtan keep communication open for their listeners. To get this you can follow the Facebook of Akhandkirtan profile. This is a good spot for all the followers from India who need to communicate to this organization.

For Akhandkirtan communication with their community is important. They have provided a twitter profile where you may follow them: Twitter of Akhandkirtan. In that twitter profile this radio station publish news and data. Twitter is important because there is where the follower is today. This platform is a way to check into his viewpoint and a chance to keep direct interaction with the audience.

For the fans of this radio station, we suggest to visit Akhandkirtan (Website). Over there, you can read more information about news, schedule, events and much more. This is another way to talk to Akhandkirtan showrunners.

In their own words: AKJ is the acronym for Akhand Kirtani Jatha, a web radio station on air 24/7 broadcasting online since 1995. It plays Rain Sabai Kirtan, Akhand Paaths, Gatka, Sikhi Camps, youth outings, seminars and Sikhi classes.