Radio Skid Row | Australia | Live Online | 88.9 FM

Radio Skid Row | Australia | Live Online | 88.9 FM
Radio Skid Row
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❆ Frequence: 88.9 FM
❆ Web: Radio Skid Row (Website)
❆ Twitter: @RadioSkidrow
❆ Phone Number: 02 9560 4254
❆ Address: Radio Skid Row Ltd, Addison Community Centre, Hut 23, 142 Addison Rde, Marrickville Nsw 2204, Australia
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Radio Skid Row provides a entertaining schedule for their users. Here you can tune this radio station. This station is streaming from Australia. We verify periodically that the stream link is online.

More data about this station is released on twitter. Read their profile (Twitter of Radio Skid Row) to maintain yourself up to date about the latest developments of this radio station. Twitter is a platform that turned into a great tool for better interaction with listeners and to provide excellent service quality.

Radio Skid Row publishs a web page, wich gives their users one accessible place to navigate through the information about this radio station. You can know all the data they offer, like programming, streaming news, etc. Visit Radio Skid Row (Website) to know more.

Communication with Radio Skid Row is also possible through its telephone number. Please phone to 02 9560 4254 if you need an urgent subject to talk regarding this station.

In their own words: On air since 1983, Radio Skid Row is a radio broadcaster that was launched aiming to serve the listeners that don't found a connection with the mainstream radios. This community radio plays Reggae, Hip Hop, World and Independent music.