Outback Radio | Australia | Live Online | 585 AM

Outback Radio | Australia | Live Online | 585 AM
Outback Radio
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❆ Frequence: 585 AM
❆ Web: Outback Radio (Website)
❆ Facebook: outbackradio
❆ Phone Number: + 61 268 722 333
❆ Address: 48 Oxley Street, Bourke NSW 2840, Australia
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From Australia transmits Outback Radio. This is a broadcasting station that brings a balanced programming for its followers. Once in while we verify that the link to listen this station is actually functioning.

Social platforms are a via that some organizations use to communicate to their listeners. Outback Radio, for example, use Facebook to maintain communication between followers and showrunners of this organization. Verify this Facebook of Outback Radio profile for this objective.

Periodically Outback Radio might organize advertising events, new developments, publishing a new show grid, and a lot more. This data can be read at Outback Radio (Website). This is the own webpage for this station.

You can make any request directly to + 61 268 722 333 when you want to contact this organization. Outback Radio is always encouraging to keep the communication open between staff and listeners.

In their own words: Broadcasting from Bourke, New South Wales, Outback Radio serves parts of New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia since 1978. As a community radio it broadcasts music, news, current affairs and much more.